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伝承 Denshō is a Japanese term that means: "Transmit to the next generation".


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If you came here to visit us because you are committed and eager to improve your knowledge.
Learning is a very long process and requires a lot of time and effort. Technical manuals are helping, but they do not replace a direct physical experience you have when you meet your teacher.

Videos are a little better in the sense that you see the technique that, otherwise, in a manual, you have to guess when reading. There are a lot of techniques here waiting for you. They are my interpretation of what I have been learning since 1999. They are not the answer, they are a possible answer. Use the videos to refresh your memory or to improve your knowledge.

For a long time, my students elsewhere have been asking me for video support because of the distance preventing more frequent contact. So, in response to this request, I decided to use the technology in favor to help them when my physical presence is not possible. So I developed this website and started producing a quality work to be able to supply this distance in some way and it is clear that the purpose of this website was to help not only in the training of my students, but also of all Bujinkan practitioners who need to improve their knowledge. I hope that my experience can contribute to your teaching. The amount charged for access is a way to help me keep this project active, because the investment was high to make it possible in our country. From now on, I thank each of you who can collaborate.
Strengthening the material contained herein in any way replace the practice in a Dōjō under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Personal training under the guidance of an instructor is key to better development.

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